1995 SCGC OM – Sitka\Rosewood – Info, And potential value?

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      Thanks to an awesome member of this community, I have the chance to locally purchase a 1995 Santa Cruz OM – The owner believes it is Sitka over rosewood, He believes it to be indian. Im having a hard time digging up info on it.

      There are slight imperfections, particularly a slightly worn area on the top where one of the previous owners vigorously strummed apparently without care for the instrument, We’re not talking Trigger but it’s noticeable, and the pickup doesnt work. Given that info, What would you guys pay for the guitar? What is reasonable, low or high.

      I look forward to replies!

      Thanks guys.

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      Hey Goodry,

      Don’t worry about the wear or the pickup. If you give the shop a call with the serial number they can give you the specs….I will be posting a James Nash podcast today, wait till you see his 90…….what I know about used prices is limited but anywhere between 2500-3200, with that you are getting a 25 year old hand made guitar with the finest materials and craftmanship, you couldn’t touch anything like it for under 4k…good luck, let’s see some pics…check with Tadol and Chris (aka dig dog)  they are tuned into the used scgc market

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        I will for sure check out the podcast. I’m admittedly not the most knowledgeable about scgc guitars so this is kind of out of my wheelhouse in regards to what price is best. Neither the pickup nor the wear really bother me as long as the neck doesn’t need a reset and the frets are in decent shape.


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      Good luck Goodry!

      I wrote the seller and it really sounds like a great guitar at a really good price—and local is a big plus too. I’m surprised it has lasted a day…if I wanted an om, well you know the rest.

      Did you get to see/play it yet?

      Play and pay, be on  your way!

      Hope it works out for you. Let us know…my curious mind needs resolution.

      Now, if I could find a D12 in that condition/price range it would be an awesome day.

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      I go tomorrow to play it and hopefully if everything works out, buy it. Ultimately, I started this journey looking for an om\pw so, if I don’t like it, I’ll sell it and pursue one of them. There’s one up in Dallas area for $3200. But, the seller has been great, I got second crack at it when another seller fell through. So fingers crossed it works out!


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      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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        I bought it!


        I’ve never owned an om so I’m not really sure what exactly makes an exceptional om. But, I’ll find out when I get around to playing it tomorrow. I’ll post some pictures too. The gentleman couldn’t have been nicer.

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      Matt Hayden

      OMs are all about balance and power. A mid-90s should be wonderful – my early-90s one is very special.

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      Congratulations goody, that would probably be a lifetime guitar for me.

      Your first OM, as an old dread player, which I had to abandon because of shoulder problems….

      take time to know her as the old tune goes. OMs are so very versatile and as time goes along you will appreciate these things is my educated guess. best regards, bert

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      Congrats, Goodry!

      Glad for you.

      Hope you post your thoughts after spending time with the om….I find most of my time is now spent on my om versus my dreadnaught these days.

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      Congrats Goody….Welcome to the SC Clan.

      Let us know how you like it…..Take your time learning it…….the voice will become an “Old Friend”.

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      This is what Santa Cruz has to say about it:

      “OM-662 was completed in 1995 and customized with Advanced X bracing. All other specs are standard to the Orchestra model, including Indian Rosewood back/sides and Sitka Spruce top, and can be found here: https://santacruzguitar.com/om-orchestra-model/

      Hope this helps! Feel free to send any other questions my way. Also if you’re interested in trying our Parabolic Tension Strings, we set up the Orchestra model with the low tension version.

      Thanks for supporting our small shop!”


      Admittedly, I have been a dreadnaught only player. I like the LOUDNESS of a dread. The wash of tones and projection a dread produces. I bought a Furch Grand Auditorium and now this OM. After playing my dread after playing my furch for a week, the dread felt like trying to hug a whale.

      I am unsure what my expectations should be of the OM but I bought some low tension parabolics today and will change the strings before leveling any judgement.

      Truly, I am conflicted whether to keep it or try to sell it before I fall in love with it to fund an OM\PW. Since I dont know what a high quality OM sounds like and I know I previously wanted an OM\PW.. cant help but wonder if I couldn’t get that with the funds from selling the one I got, Time will tell.

      Anybody have any insight into what “Advanced X bracing” is ?

      You should have seen us doing the deal, I got all the cash prior at an ATM, so he was counting 20’s for awhile haha. It didnt look like what it really was – And I have a long beard and long hair and he did too, so it looked like 2 homeless guys conducting some pharmaceutical transaction.

      Thanks for all the replies and the congrats guys, I really appreciate it.

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        There are 2 podcasts with Richard on TOPS, everything you’ve ever wanted to know is there…a master class for sure

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      When I asked what the advanced X bracing was …. this was the answer from Santa Cruz

      “Hi Ryan – congrats on this new OM! Happy to answer your questions. So the advanced X bracing means we forward shift that X brace closer to the sound hole, which will give the guitar more bass response, and a bit more volume as well. This option is standard on the OMPW models, but we do offer it as a custom option on any OM or D build for no additional charge. So this custom OM you got was initially ordered with the bracing that comes standard on the OMPW model, giving it more low end and volume than our standard OM would have with the same wood combination.


      I hope this helps; please don’t hesitate to send any additional questions my way, and thanks as well for your order of the strings, would love to hear what you think of them.”

      So I basically got an OM/PW that has 26 years of play on it.

      Can a guitar ever be overplayed hahaha.

      I cant wait to re-string it.

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