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      After admiring from a distance for years, I finally brought home my first S’Cruz guitar last January. I’ve grown fond f the 00, although the V neck is aking some adjustment. I’m planning on switching my SC strings from Low to Medium tension. I’ve read the FAQ but I’m wondering if any of you have had a similar experience. Hunkering down has been enhanced by spending time getting to know this fine new instrument. Any thoughts appreciated.

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      Welcome Kittcox,  Congrats on the guitar, the medium tensions are really nice on that small body, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of answers here, again welcome

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      Matt Hayden

      I’ve used both on an 00-29 and prefer the light tension.  It sings a little more and has a bit more nuance.   Mine’s a 2012 and has used those strings most of its life.

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