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      Acoustic Soul

      I felt this is as likely as one is ever going to get to a straight comparison as a consumer of these tonewoods, so I drove down to Austin to check it out myself (ok ok I had to go for work it was just perfect timing).  When I was there I realized that I could record it so others could hear it, so just before the shop was getting ready to shut down I did this.

      The Italian/Cocobolo guitar has quite old strings and advanced x bracing.  The Adirondack/African Blackwood one as the same santa cruz light tension strings a bit newer, standard bracing, but it has a cutaway.  Have a listen!  My guitar, being the Italian/Cocobolo specimen has been played for 5 years.  I got it November 2014.  The other one is really new yet it doesn’t sound too stiff.  Personally, the cutaway, OM Grand shape, and African blackwood filter out too much fatness and result in a strangely thin bottom end but the rest of the sound is fat enough.  It sings so sweetly in the mids and top end that it makes ME want to sing!

      Thanks to the shop for letting me do this!  I probably can’t name them on here without violating forum rules.

      Italian/Cocobolo vs Adirondack/African Blackwood: 


      Also, I went back before I left to go home to Fort Worth and recorded just a little poorly done video that was intended to be used for myself.  It was a OOO – which I’ve found I am quite a bit more enamored with than the OM Grand shape.  It’s purpose was simply to compare simple strumming on the two to see if my ears were deceiving me simply over hearing something new… but that is probably the third shop I’ve been to that a OOO has just won my ear’s heart.  I’m sure with a deep body I could probably be very happy with that.  Anyway, sorry about that video being poorly done and a large mistake lol… but just in case anyone on here wants to experience this for themselves I wanted to put it up.


      OOO vs OM Grand:


      Edit:  i’m having issues with the forum saying I’ve already said this, duplicate topic.  I am trying to figure out how to post this so I hope it makes it’s way to you correctly

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      This is really great, thanks for posting this

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      Well done….maybe show off your skills a bit more the next time.

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      I’m leaning towards the Ital/coco  OMgrand. It’s got more warmth and presance. Nice. Thanks. Now if I could find a OM Grand Port Oxford cedar /Koa  to compare. @@$$$!!!

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      Sure you’ve accounted for the differences due to the art-deco inlays?


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      All 8

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      Acoustic Soul

      Thank you guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Zorro thank you for your compliment, but I haven’t been playing in the past year and half due to getting married, getting pregnant, and living with family at the moment.  I’m too rusty for a skill show 🙂  Also, when I compare guitars I try to keep it very dry so the focus is on the model and the wood and it’s easy to hear the differences.  I appreciate you and love the comment though haha

      Hey Dig Dog, that’s cool because that’s the one I’ve owned for five years… keep in mind it’s been played and the other one is new.  Also the Italian/Cocobolo has advanced x bracing (pre war style bracing) and the other one is standard OM Grand.  They actually had an Italian/Koa OM Grand there but it was extremely stale/cold and new… I didn’t like the specimen at all and wouldn’t want it online representing Santa Cruz.  It was one of those guitars you pick up and 20 seconds later hand back for the shop keeper to put back up on the wall.

      Tad, yes it took me a minute to calculate the difference from the art deco inlays, the other tuners, and the lack of brazilian headstock inlay and binding LOL 😀   To answer you, no I didn’t at all… I was like oooh that’s cool let’s see how it sounds.  I actually specifically went by that shop knowing they had an African Blackwood OM Grand that I’ve been waiting for months to come in.

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