The Elmwoods and the Muted Jewel Tones at the Uptown Club in Oakland

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      So – I had very little to do with all this, but I was on stage (and I clearly have to stop staring at my iPad) and I can only say that I had a really great time!!  If you need a bit of amusement, I offer the following –

      The Muted Jewel Tones Theme song –

      Pay the Piper – 

      Limb from Limb – 

      Mississippi – 

      Canned Music –(yes, thats me – )

      Adios to California – 

      Mom Won’t you Teach me to Monkey – 

      Good Corn Liquor – 

      Well – there’s a bunch of others – you can search YouTube for Alan Macomber – enjoy!


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      DUDE You all rocked very nicely.  Great Marty Stewart Tele tones and all!

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      It’s been a LOOOONG time since I heard that Dan Hicks song……….Great cover Tad.
      Only one question….which came first the Goatee or the band???
      really well done Y’All…..did you split tips???

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        Haha!  Yeah, the goatee is my rather lame attempt to appear more like a musician and cool dude, and less like a lecher and creepy old guy – can’t say it helps, but the wife isn’t too thrilled with it, so there gotta be something good there!

        Alan wanted this to be a tool to get gigs, so every penny from this, (plus the gig before, and the next gig coming up) is gonna pay for the video guys, sound guy, and cover what the door didn’t make for the minimum club rental – heck, still worth it in my book –

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      Sweet….got to have a jacket

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      This is great.  Well done all!


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