Super(market) Gig!

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      I’ll bet none of you guys have played a gig in a supermarket!  It was a first for me, though I have played a bank in Sebastopol, CA.

      Thankfully, they removed the lettuce.  They did however leave the tomatoes.  So we were in (some small) danger of being pelted if we played badly.

      Julien, my guitarist seen bending over in the first photo, pitched this gig as a wine bar. (?!)  Turns out it was a wine event at an Intermarché in the village of St. Erme. It was well attended, mostly by people over 60.

      One of them was a bit annoyed by the space we were taking up.  So she walked through the “stage” as I was grabbing a shot of my mandolin in front of a fridge!

      Third shot is my pedal board and first set list (ignore the date, I’m reusing it).

      The very next day I got a tip from a neighbour, for whom I played the local soap box derby, letting me know the manager of the Intermarché in Laon would like to have us at their wine event.  So apparently this will not be a one-off!

      🙂 Daniel


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      Good for you, it all adds up

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      Acoustic Soul

      Hey, very nice!  I never turn my nose up at a show for sure, although it can be uncomfortable sometimes haha.

      Love the Cali76… I have the TX version full format for my electrics.

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      Matt Hayden

      Did some things at new wineries in Healdsburg/Dry Creek.  Gorgeous places, amazing rooms. I’m hoping they weather tho storm; I would like to play them again.

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