Should I buy this once in a lifetime guitar?

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      Hi y’all 🙂


      I have the rare chance of locally buying a Brad Paisley Signature BP/PW model used for 4000 Euro (4500$).

      As a dedicated Brad Paisley Fan I have been looking at this thing since it came out in 2016. With limited guitar skills I just thought it is not worth it. But now, at least coVId gave me time to practice and this seems like a good offer.

      Additonally the guitar is equipped with a Seymour Duncan Wavelength Duo Steel Pickup System and was- I believe modified with Gold Waverly open geared w/ black ebony buttons.

      It also does not have the rather elaborated guitar-case, but a comparable one from the same company.

      It is a beauty. As it is a few hundred Miles away, I have not played it yet…

      should I put on my Stetson, saddle my 4 wheel bavarian horse and go for it? 🙂


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      Welcome Bernie!

      three words…..welcome-BUY IT

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      Cut out the fastest horse from the Ramuda… A Bavarian Motor Works Breed?..Saddle up and ride.. like the wind….don’t forget your checkbook.

      Saddle up and play it…..If it bucks you off at least you had a good ride……but that is a very good model.


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      I bought my SCGC (Adirondack spruce /mahogany dreadnought) in 2002 as a gift to myself for finishing grad school.  (MA, History)  It was the best purchse I have ever made.

      So, yeah.  Go get your dream guitar!


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      Thats a great guitar – nice specs. Know nothing about that pickup, but you’d be hard pressed to find many of those guitars around, so I’d say definitely make an effort to check it out – you just don’t know ‘til you’ve given it a play!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Nothing in life quite compares to a great guitar adventure. The miles will melt into memory… bigtime go. bert

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