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      As much as I hate to do this, with the arrival of a beautiful all koa F, I think I should sell one of my 2 all koa H’s. This thought has occurred in the past, and I have made a minimal effort to sell, but its not something I enjoy.

      why do I have 2? I loved the wood and the size and shape so much, when I found a second with the same 1-13/16” nut, I bought it thinking I would have Richard convert one of them to a spruce top – which, after looking at them, he very wisely advised me to not alter either one, and just buy a spruce top H if that was what I wanted. Damn your practicality, Mr. Hoover!  😉

      So, with minimal effort or desire, I am listing one of my all koa 14 fret Hs, very early 90s vintage, 1-13/16 nut, 2-3/16”(?) saddle, std scale, no pickup, etc, etc, for sale. $3750. Please email me for more info, pics, etc –  Thanks – Tad2 SCGC H guitars - all koa

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      WOW DUDE . You are very courageous.    Lovely Koa.

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      I’mcuredofGASI’mcuredofGasI’mcuredofGAS…Damn you Tad !

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      2022 SCGC 000 African Blackwood/Moon Spruce.
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