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      I’ve got a question for the group in reference to selling some used SCGC OMs in excellent condition. Is there a preferred dealer that you’d go to for a used SCGC? I’ve been trying to sell on Reverb but haven’t been successful so far and one person I met with mentioned that he would be comfortable paying more at a dealer than through private sales so perhaps I’m better off going that route. I considered selling via consignment at The North American Guitar or Cedar Rock Studio Guitar Gallery because they both do high quality video demos and have good pictures on their websites. I’m selling the guitars to fund a custom build. They’re both standard spec OMs. One has an Adirondack top and the other has a European(German) Spruce top and both have East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Thanks in advance for your advice/suggestions. I’ll link the European Spruce one in this post.

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      Welcome Acoustic Thoughts,  yummy guitars there, good luck with your sale and your future build

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      I’ve actually spent some time drooling over both of those – really fine examples of SC OMs. It looks like you’ve gotten a bunch of offers – are they real ones, or just stupid low-ballers and trades?

      I think you’d be best off talking to Gryphon and Sylvan, and maybe Schoenberg, and see what they would offer in terms of commission fee, and what they think they could sell them for.  Your pricing seems to not be bad, but they’re also not bargains, and if you were to compare what you’d net after commissions and such with what you could get with a local sale, you might be able to come down a bit and have better luck with a local cash sale.

      Unfortunately, simple, clean, basic OMs don’t generate the interest as much as guitars made with unique materials or details – they are too often taken for granted.  But in the podcast interviews we’ve done, with some outstanding working musicians whose skills and abilities far exceed most other players, I’ve noticed that almost all of them are playing exactly those guitars – EIR/spruce OMs – and most of them can’t even tell you what kind of spruce it is.

      Good luck with your sales, and with whatever custom you are lusting for!  Keep us in the loop –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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        I had quite a few trade offers in the early ones which caused me to add the no trade offers part. I’ve had two offers I would consider fair but not to where I was quite comfortable. I also had offers around 2k or less which I consider to be lowball/unfair. Funny you should mention Schoenberg as I just visited him today. Tiburon is a beautiful place! I’ll ask Sylvan and Gryphon what they’d charge me and see if they’d give me a ball park of what they think would be a reasonable expectation for me to have. I appreciate the advice and perspective. I’ll definitely keep this post updated! I should also add the cash sale option did come up with one gentleman but I was a little wary of this. I’m paranoid of somehow the money not actually going through.

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      I sold the European Spruce top OM this afternoon to a very kind woman in the Santa Cruz area. Now to focus my attention on the other one. You were right about the local sale option. My final sale amount was more than I would have earned selling through Reverb and it saved her money as well by avoiding tax.

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