Richard is baaaaack!

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    Richard Hoover
    Senior Moderator

    Hi to old friends and to those joining the new forum.

    I am pleased to answer tech, history and procedural questions here. I will always stick to established science rather than make things up and if I feel the need to offer an opinion I will warn you first. Importantly; if I don’t know the answer, I will say so and then endeavor to find out.

    What I don’t know is anything about the rules of this forum or how it works. The Santa Cruz Players Forum is independent of Santa Cruz Guitar Co. so please direct those questions to the forum moderator.

    I look forward to being at your service, thank you!

    All the best,                                                                                         Richard Hoover                                                                                    Santa Cruz Guitar Co.

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    Matt Hayden

    Good to see you online, Richard!

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    Chris aka digdog

    Haleluyah and howdy Maestro  great to have you and us back.

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    AHHH, The sun returns to shine through the Redwoods and imparts warmth and knowledge once again….Welcome Back Richard.
    The pleasure that the your creations have given so many of us is immeasurable.
    The Santa Cruz Guitars that I play everyday will indeed be passed on to the next generation of the Zorro Clan.
    Gracias Compadre.

    1993 Martin Custom HD-28 IR/Sitka
    2001 SCGC Custom F Cutaway Maple/German
    2008 SCGC Custom OT Madi/Italian
    2015 SCGC Custom OM “The Tree” Hog/ European
    2016 SCGC Custom 1934 D45 Braz/ Adi

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    Hi Richard. How did you settle on the bracing for the H13. When you first conceived of the new model, did you look at vintage guitars as a starting point – or simply trial and error. It’s a favorite for my fingers & it’s always on hand.



    – Paul –

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    So great that the forum is up again!!!!!

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    Great to see the forum back and Richard here!

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    Yay! Great to have the man on this forum!! I’ll be down to SCGC on June 4. Hoping you will be “in the office” as I’d love to shake your hand. I have an appt. for my 2008 000.

    Thank you for your time and passion!


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    Acoustic Soul

    I’m so glad for the forum to be back up !

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