Plectrum Thickness Comparison – .88 mm 1.5 mm 2.5 mm

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      Acoustic Soul

      I am doing some comparisons for YouTube and here is my first video up. 

      We are moving right now, so the video was shot with a phone.  I can do better later, but we are all in a mess in the place we’re in now to record properly.

      Did I leave out any details in the description or video?

      Part 2 will be on the shape of picks.

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      Interesting test concept  but having a time hearing any difference . Might it help to be a little closer to the instrument?

      The room eco seems to dominate the recording not allowing for the differentiating of tone between the pick sizes.

      More light would be nice.


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      Yeah – I have to agree – I think you need a better mic, right up close to the guitar, to really be able to hear anything. I don’t really care about the video, but the audio needs to be a whole lot better to really make this a worthwhile comparison –

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      Acoustic Soul

      Just out of curiosity, I only usually record quality stuff straight into Logic and only have one nice mic.  I have no idea how to sync video without using Quicktime’s record function …  but what do you guys know of that makes recording easy in terms of when you’d use a cell phone?  Do those handheld field recorders with the dual mic stereo axis things work well?  Assuming you can plug them up to a phone and the phone does the work?

      I listened to it before putting it up and found that I could hear the relative differences, but it must be because I am used to it so much that it’s more apparent to my memory than ear

      I was trying to get this up and build some momentum in a busy time in my life towards the string comparison but I think i mostly ended up shooting myself in the foot and creating extra work for myself.  I’ll keep at it though



      Oh , I also meant to say… I like it when the phone is back that far because the sound waves seem to even out and I figured that I would get a more accurate sound of what it’s like to be in the room with it.  Is this not something that I’m going to achieve?  I don’t like when I listen to guitar demos and they have these close mic setups that have flattering responses and play very delicate passages in altered tunings because it’s kind of cultivating your demo instead of just putting out there what a more common musical use would be of the instrument.  I’m definitely open to tips and critique to improve as I go.  Thank you, the aim is to help people or at the very least give an entertaining topic!

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      A.C.   It’s best if you can close mic. There are plenty of mic’s that will plug directly into your phone and give us a better idea of the specific picks and strings. It’s easy to sync the sound and the picture. Make a noise with sharp attack before you start or just simply match the wave forms.

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      Like others have said the mic position is most important, you’ve got some good chops is the best news.

      I’m a BlueChip player, I have ones in diff thickness for various acoustics and diff tunes. TD41,42,43,45,48,50,52….. so on.  The thickness of the picks above go from bright to dull sounding.

      I’ve done a few demos along the way, learn as you go has been my experience… so many parameters. I found that a small diaphragm condenser works best for acous guitar and wide diaphragm for vocal.

      This is a demo I did a couple years ago for some folks who were curious about the torrefied top Eastman E20OM-TC (thermal cured), I’m using my Shure SM81 into Cakewalk – out to the mic in on my Canon camcorder.  Notice the position of the mic, the hiss in the background was the central heat vent, always something to degrade a recording.. uhh.  For a demo like yours you might go no more than 30sec/pick would be my suggestion.  keep em coming,  bert

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      Acoustic Soul

      Thanks bert, I did record a little over an hour of video today with my mics in stereo since I couldn’t get just my rode to sum to dual mono.  I will be releasing them to youtube and the forum staggered so it doesn’t overwhelm


      Your video sounds and looks great! And wow that eastman is surprisingly good!

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      Acoustic Soul

      This video topic can be deleted as I have updated a stereo mic’d version of it now

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