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      Acoustic Soul

      Have my guitar up for sale on Reverb, want to trade for something with more power strumming to lead worship with.

      My guitar isn’t deep enough, need what I have but bigger bottom end and mid push.  The guy selling the guitar needs me to buy it outright, so I’m trying to sell mine.  Doesn’t seem like anyone is in the market right now unfortunately, but I’d like to move it.  Any tips?  I can’t lower it too much because I’ve already taken 3K+ off of it from original and I need that money for the other one.

      I also have the link I’ll comment

      Mastergrade bearclaw moon harvest Italian

      Hide Glue Adirondack advanced x bracing


      brazilian binding rosette and overlay

      abalone details

      recently serviced


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      Acoustic Soul

      I also have several videos on that youtube channel of it

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