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    I’d like to formally invite all our SCGPF members, family, and friends to join us for an afternoon and early evening with Eric Skye.  We re planning a pot-luck dinner,  with my friends Robert Soper and John McArdle playing a little acoustic jazz / blues, then  around 7pm we will rearrange the chairs and enjoy a performance by Eric Skye, mostly his new album, but also some classic favorites.

    We’ve reserved the Claremont Club, a beautiful, small private venue that can hold about 100 people. We’ll provide drinks and silverware, but we’d like everyone to bring a dish to share. There is no charge for attending, but we want reservations to know how many we can expect, and we hope everyone will take advantage of this event to pick up a couple of extra signed CDs to support our musicians – they make great holiday gifts!

    If anyone is interested in attending, please email or message me,  and I will send a formal e-vite with more info –

    Thanks!   Tad

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    Mrs. Zorro and I wish we could attend…but we live just a bit too far down the road.
    But as Casey Kassim used to say “And Now a Long Distance Request”…..Please ask Eric to play “Take Five”. if he will please know we will be listening.
    Hope Y’All enjoy the show.

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    So wish I could be (have been?) there!

    Give E my best.


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