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      … And realized why it was a go-to instrument when I played in a pop-rock group in Modesto.

      It has a really cool Fender crossed with Rickenbacker tone.  It’s clearly a rosewood fretboard with a maple neck, but I have no idea what the body wood is.

      Like on most emandos, the e course is a bit weak relative to the other strings.  That weakness makes the e course sound a bit ‘plinky’ too.  Running a bit of compression balances things out and brings out the tone in the e course.  Monday night at practice was the first time I figured that one out.  So I’m pleased about that.

      And it likes a bit of overdrive.  🙂

      Changing strings is a massive pain.  I think these may be 10 years old now.


      Fender FM-988

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      Acoustic Soul


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      Fender made a few of these here in Europe in 2002 for the European market (I think) as test.  Their model number is FM-988.  There are slightly cooler looking 4 string versions, FM984.

      The paint is I think sonic blue, but they finished it with ageing toner.  So now it’s somewhere between sonic blue and sea-foam green.  They made a few red ones too.

      Would love to get my hands on a FM984, especially with the same colour finish!

      They got dumped on the US market in 2008 or so.  And there aren’t a lot of them.


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      I have never seen one of those – very cool!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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