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      I ‘m very happy to see that the SGF is back.

      Alex and I collaborated on a song which I would very much like to post. It’s good to hear his voice. I can’t attach the file for some reason. Perhaps you can help me.

      Alex and I we’re in constant contact over the past few years.  My last email to Alex unanswered for a month or so  until his wife discovered my email and told me that Alex had died.

      Alex’s death weighed heavy on my heart and still does to this day.

      Last August my wife and I lost everything in a wildfire here in Calif.  I saved my laptop and  a recording of Alex’s version of “Wind Against Our Back” which I composed for Alex.

      Zorro if your out there my email is




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      I remember well you and Alex working on ‘Wind’. He was trying to get me into recording….I may have been his only failure.
      if I can figure out how to get his recording of ‘Orphan Girl”, which he did with my wife on vocals , and Alex playing his Vintage Southerner, on this page I will do so.
      Sorry about your loss to the fires…we almost had the same experience with hurricane Irma last Sep.. We had damage but not catastrophic.
      We contact Alex’s wife MaryAnn often and she was pleased to hear that the SCGCPF is back and that we all think of “Senior Member Alex64.

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      Sorry to hear Alex64 passed away. It took me a while to remember him from the previous forum, but suddenly it all was here again. I remember he was doing recordings with his “dutch” granddaughter, so lovely.

      So sorry. I liked him.

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      Chris aka digdog

      Alex had one of those great strong and low vocals that inspired memories of some of the early great country crooners

      Alex is missed!

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      I composed this tune for Alex. Alex and I got in a dispute about the state of country music. Alex thought country music was dead and had lost it’s soul. I told Alex that I’d compose a tune a prove to him that he was wrong. I gave Alex a single note melody and lyrics. Alex did the rest. Alex told me that the song brought tears to his eyes. Alex told me that when he recorded the final cut that he was loosing his voice.

      From time to time I listen to the tune ( I can’t sing so I never play it)  But when I do occasionally listen to Alex sing the song it brings tears to my eyes for a much different reason than Alex’s.

      Posting this tune is my farewell to Alex; a very intelligent, talented and humble human being. the world could use more folks like him.

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      Wow what a perfect tribute. Thank you for sharing it.

      I wish I had the pleasure of meeting him. He obviously enriched everyone who did know him.


      Tom eh

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      Enter “Alex Austin Nowhere Railroad” in the command line and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see photos of Alex , his band and his wife. Nowhere Railroad was an album of Alex’s. He gave me a couple cd’s. The musicians in his band were really quite good. Check it out.  Alex was living in Florida and he told me that this group were some of the best in the south.

      Alex posted a lot of his music on the forum unfortunately the reset button got pushed with the creation of the new forum and everyone’s music including mine went away. Alex had a ton of music on Sound Cloud but I was unabale to find him.

      Before Alex passed away he suggested that I learn ‘Jerry Reed’s “The Claw”. I learned the tune, Alex died then my house burnt down. I’ll be posting in the next month in memory of Alex.

      Zorro new Alex better than I. Zorro lived near Alex. Alex and lived 3000 miles apart. I talked with Alex on the phone an extensively via email but I never met him face to face.

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      Thanks Deziner2 for that. I knew you and Alex put that together and I also got tears in my eyes.

      Dee and I visited Alex and MaryAnne several times and we attended his last show at The Milltop Inn in St. Augustine. his voice was getting weak at that point but the place was sold out  and the party went on well into the night. His Partner Jim was a bit teary eyed and so was most of the crowd.

      he was one of a kind….My favorite song of his is “Monkey Town”….He doesn’t sing or play the guitar…I’ll try to find a copy and post it.


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      That’s beautiful.

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      If Alex were here today he would say “thank you for your kind words”. Alex isn’t with us but I am so for the two of us I thank you for your kind words.


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