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      On Saturday night (26 Sept) I participated in an ‘open stage’ online with the good people of Cambridge Acoustic Nights.  There were 5 of us all doing 2 songs each.  I’m on last.

      It was a really good night.  All 5 of us are worth listening to.  Highlights for me are John Meed (4th) and the young Paul Christophersen (2nd).  John writes the most endearing songs, and Paul, who was new to me Saturday night, gets a dead-on Pink Moon era Nick Drake thing going.

      I’m playing my Hathway octave mandolin on White Flower Waltz (intro) into The Vacant Chair, and finally Take Us as We Are.

      Hope you like it!


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      Nice Daniel, thanks for sharing that!

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      Well done Daniel!  But you need to get a microphone in there – or stretch that string tighter –  😉

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Thanks gents!

      Tad, I’m using the stereo pair on a Zoom H-4.  It’s set back about 5 feet to allow my voice to be heard more clearly over the instrument, which is pretty directionally loud.

      A proper mixer and a high quality mic would help, as would an engineer who knows how to make this stuff work properly.

      Happy to take recommendations!



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      I love your album…..and despite your recording technique on this , you are the standout.

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      It sounds good, Daniel, but it does sound like the mic is about 5’ away – or should I say 1.5m?

      Doesn’t that zoom have inputs for a mic? Could you try getting the mic in close to you for the vocals, and use the zooms stereo pair for the instrument and “ambiance” ?  I am no sound engineer, so I’m just trying to think.

      Can’t you send one of your kids off to audio engineering school or something? Could come in very handy in the years ahead!  😉

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Thanks very Hank!  and Tad!

      Well, they’re 6 and 8.  Rémy prefers dance to anything else so far and Gisèle is a  D I V A.  Maybe when Rémy gets a bit older he’ll see something interesting about the technical side of things.  But right now he’s about moving his body and she’s about dramatic singing.  The more dramatic the better.

      (No I have not introduced her to Whitney Houston.  I think I’ll try to let that happen on it’s own…   AND I eeee I WILL ALaWAYS LuuVE YOU oooo I WILL ALaWAYS LuuVE YOUOOOOOOOOOO…..)

      Seriously though, I’ll start by putting the H4 a bit closer and a bit higher.  See of that works.  🙂


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