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      Selling my mint condition TR Pro with Bear Claw German Spruce top and Brazilian B&S.  I landed an awesome SCGC OM with Cocobolo and I’ve got my eyes on another, but I’ve got to raise some funds to do so.  Will sell for $7,750 here plus shipping.  Feel free to ask any questions.  As zorro has pointed out, once you click on the Reverb link, you’ll get a lot of ads from them in your browser.  But I suppose that’s better than me posting the AGF link.  Thanks for looking.






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      A TR Pro!  Thats a bucket list guitar – good luck, someone will be pretty happy to grab that one!

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      I’m interested in getting the guitar moved to a good home as I’m playing less and less on the dreads these days.  Please feel free to make an offer.  Thanks, Wes

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      Updating price to $7,000 net to me plus shipping.  Please let me know if you have interest.  Thanks.

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      Guitar has been sold.  Thanks for looking.

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        Congrats on the sale….any updates or pictures of your “Tree” OM ??

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