1988 Brazilian SC OM 28

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      A very clean and great sounding guitar. Beautiful Brazilian, tight grained Spruce, Mahogany neck with a bound ebony finger board, herringbone rosette and a Brazilian head stock plate. It has the original tuners, pick guard and case. There are two small cracks on the back near the end pin side and two on the sides near the neck/heel. They were repaired before I got the guitar and are stable. I tried to photograph them but they don’t show up. Several years ago it was sent to Santa Cruz to be brought up to speed. It was refretted and pleked, new nut and saddle and they did some spot (drop fill?) work. It was not over-sprayed. I basically told them that what ever needed to be done, do it. Zero structural issues, frets are great, low action and the best shaped neck I’ve ever owned. Some slight crazing on the guitar, but you have to move the body around to see it. Some very small dings, and wear but the guitar is almost 32 years old . The serial number is well below 100. It is one of the finest sounding and easiest playing guitars I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned a bunch). Hand and arm injuries, old age, long scale and a 1 ¾ neck necessitate I sell it. $ 5200 plus shipping of your choice.



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      Very nice!  Love the deep red of the back

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      Wonderful set of Braz…GLWS

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      If your ever in the Moss Landing area. I’d love to see and give it play.

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      backThanks for the nice comments. I took some pictures in bright sun light.front

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      WOW, what a beautiful set of wood on that geetar

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      Matt Hayden

      Gorgeous. Which tuners? Gotohs?

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      Acoustic Soul

      That’s really nice. . . I wish you were open to a trade, I have mine up for sale right now but my OM Grand is long scale and 1 3/4

      That’s the kind of santa cruz you wait around to buy !  Almost never get their good stuff on used market

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      Joseph P

      That is one special OM, with some serious history.  I just got a layoff notice from my employer otherwise I’d be giving it some serious consideration..

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