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Quickie follow-up – having learned about the on-off switches, I turned both parts off and plugged them into a usb charger overnight. After unplugging, I played the guitar for a little while, then turned both part off and put the guitar aside. I’ve been turning them on and playing it every day for a little bit since, and the 2 parts have always synced immediately, and some 10 plus days later, its still going strong every time I turn it on. I’m still needing to do a range test (need someone to help, since I can only hear the guitar and not the amp once I get a couple rooms away, but I’m sure signals getting thru) and I also need to do an endurance test to see how many hours I can get on a charge, but haven’t had the time for that yet.

But right now, if you dont have a pickup in your guitar, and you like the idea of doing it wireless, this is not a bad option to  consider –

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