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Frozen Rat

I tried the mediums on one of my 00 guitars and found it sounded kind of duller. I feel the lows vibrate the 00 size better and make the guitar feel and play more lively. So, like you, I wasn’t happy with that change. I’ve been trying other makes of strings too and I haven’t found one yet that I could say is better, which isn’t terribly surprising. John Pearse PBs in 12 come close but you have to let them break in for a few days. Still, I won’t put the JPs on there again since they don’t bring anything new or better to the table.

I heard that SCGC used to come with Elyxr strings before they developed their own. I’m tempted to try them just to see what they sound like. Generally though I have never been fond of that string brand but curiosity might win out and I’ll try them too.

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