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Frozen Rat

I don’t blame AGF for moderating some of the nastier discussions out of their database, but they always go too far. You can’t even put something like *%&$ in a post because of its allusion to expletives. You can’t even make any allusion where you have to fill in the parts and just might come up with something spicy. I got seriously chewed out for that. The moderator called what I wrote profanity when there wasn’t any words that any person would call profane. He didn’t like that “brass” sounded like… well, you know. You can’t even mention the moderators in a post. I got chewed out for that. A responder to one of my posts misunderstood my wording and thought I said one thing, to which I replied that I had meant something else. I got accused of starting a “food fight.” It goes on and on. Every other post I responded to or wrote got edited or deleted and then I’d get a nasty message from a moderator.

Guitar players are a varied bunch, but we’re also mostly adults who like to have adult conversations. If a forum is catering to children, fine, then they should keep it appropriate for that audience. But a forum that caters to people who play guitars in bars and occasionally have to defend themselves with their guitars; people who are generally over 30 and rarely under, don’t want that kind of oversight. And I certainly don’t want some guy talking to me like I’m a child because I’m having a conversation that would never raise an eyebrow anywhere else. So I left and I will never go back.

They might have 108k members but the number of those members that post isn’t that large. A vast majority of the posts are so washed out by the rules and moderations that they are stifling and boring to read. Anyway, enough about them. Time to play.

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