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Our lead guitar player, and only member of the group who is fully retired, signed us up with an online service called “Gigmasters” – I don’t have all the details, but Alan wanted to get a gig or two under our belt that would get us a rating on the site, so he’s been actively looking for them. This was our first, a backyard birthday party for a nice woman in Richmond, CA who seemed to enjoy us – gave us a nice tip, at least, and hopefully a good rating.

I figure if we’re getting payed, we gotta put on the show, so we brought our jackets, and by the time we quit playing around 8, we needed them! Went well – I have to say, the more I play in front of others, the less self-conscious I’m getting. I still get flustered too easily if we dont follow our music and just wander into the tall grass, but a tiny bit less so, and recover more quickly –

Thats perhaps my favorite pluggin’ in guitar – a 90s vintage F with koa b&s, sitka top, and a k&k inside. Wonderful shallow C 1-13/16 nut neck. If I get Richard to do me a custom, I may saw that neck off and tell him to use it – just love it.

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav