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True – they keep some of the seriously objectional stuff out, but they also let other stuff of highly questionable truthfulness get posted, and do a good job of stifling reasonable interchange –

on a thread about the possible effects of tariffs on musical instrument prices, I posted –

<i>There is too much to this equation to make a reasonable evaluation – personally, I’m less concerned with tariffs than I am with the increasingly wary-of-the-US positions that are coming down the pipe from governments and businesses that used to look at us as solid friends and partners previously. That could have major impact on our good and services throughout the world -</i>

Now – I actually got a couple of well-saids, and even a PM, but the posts (and any that referenced it) were quickly deleted. Meanwhile, posts like –

<i>Because while the import tax war may hurt us initially, it will hurt them more- and if it is prolonged it will shift those imported goods away from them semi-permanently.</i>

<i>It is important for us to look at the impact of actions on multiple time frames. Let’s face it, nothing we do will be great in this moment. We’re in a hole. We have national debt, higher manufacturing costs, are not geared up for the kind of production we once had. But turning an economy is like trying to turn an oversized ship. It isn’t going to turn on a dime. But change over time has to happen. And some of it will be painful as we adapt. While we were happy getting cheap stuff made by cheap labor we had to know the party wasn’t going to last forever. We’ve seen others eating our lunch for a couple decades now. There is no such thing as a “consumer economy” at least in the long term. It’s like a corn farmer eating his seed corn- and you know how that ends. We cannot keep going down the same road. Anyone have other suggestions?</i>

Thats is left up, along with numerous repeats of it – which I can only perceive as a pro-you-know-who ideology –

I like it here more – we just need to get more SC players to know we’re back!

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav