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Richard Hoover
Senior Moderator

Dear Mr. Twangtown,

I can help, call me.

This may not be your story, though you’ve given us a chance to help others. The majority of players assume that the manufacturer of their guitar is the last place you would want to go for expert service.There is  some validity to this concern because the maker may be expert in manufacturing, but that doesn’t equate to expertise in diagnosis and  proper technique for restoration and repair. This is an art unto itself and one would be better served going to a practiced professional with an established reputation for these services. Some will rightly suspect that a large company will also do their best to avoid taking ownership of any single warranty claim out of concern for the potential accumulative financial obligation when making a couple hundred thousand guitars each year.

We at SCGC are not manufacturing guitars. We are a custom shop of luthiers often doing one of a kind instruments that require a thorough understanding of how the guitar works and what makes them sound exceptional or can keep them from their full potential. This translates to only about 475 guitars each year with less than 1% service even considered as warranty repair.  We are also a staff of top notch repair and restoration experts capable of the most modern techniques, along with the knowledge and ability to bring priceless vintage instruments back to life while keeping the integrity and originality up to collectable market standards.

For your Tony Rice, there is no one more appropriate than us to evaluate your guitar and recommend the proper course of action. One rule is to NEVER diagnose a problem without a physical inspection of the instrument, though heck, we have to start someplace! Your lack of stability could be structural, as in cracked or dislodged brace(s),  especially if the guitar was fine for the first 15 years or so of its life and only “a few years ago” begin to exhibit movement.

This timeline points to some finite event that changed the guitar, rather than progressive effect of wear and tear over time. It doesn’t cost anything to talk about it and you will gain peace of mind beginning with our first conversation. Email at or better…call me or Carolyn at 831-425-0999 to explore a permanent solution for these aggravations. Until then…


All the best,                                                                                                                                                                                          Richard Hoover