Reply To: Bridge pin size differences

Richard Hoover
Senior Moderator

All bridge pins are not made equal! Especially wooden ones. We fit each pin precisely to its corresponding hole and all is good…until they get mixed up during a string change. Although we do our best to educate players to keep these in order when removed, sometimes the dealer will miss this caveat if changing strings during the guitar’s showroom stay.

I love the recommendations for indexing the pins with numerals or hash marks as Matt suggested. This secures your peace of mind for the future. For your current conundrum; I suggest de-stringing your guitar and try each pin in the same hole to find the best fit. Remember to leave the appropriate string in the right hole and nestled in the string channel and position the pin with the groove against the string for an accurate appraisal. Do the next hole with the remaining pins and so on until you have six matches. If the last couple are too loose; you will want to start again favoring¬† the fatties for the larger gauge string holes. When you’re satisfied with your choices remember to keep them in order visually and/or mark them in sequence for reference the next time.

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