Reply To: Santa Cruz "RS" query

Silly Moustache

Hi Richard, thank you for your fulsome reply. It is great to get a response from the “man himself!”  I’m very happy with my “RS” number 6501 which I believe was built in 2012 but acquired some time later.

I need wider fret boards  – 1 & 13/16″ nuts are my preference and so all of my flat-tops are 12 fretters, and the “RS” style seemed to be an essential member of my humble collection.  it is one of only two non slotted headstock  flat tops.

I have seen from the ‘net that the sunbursts have varied greatly since introduction, but I am delighted by the ‘burst on mine, so much so, that I’m a bit scared of gigging it!

I applaud you strategy about respecting the finest American designs of the 20th C, whilst retaining your own thing! – most notably the H13, which I’ve long admired.

If interested (and you dolt have to be!)  here’s a short video of me playing mine and singing a Jerry Jeff Walker song about an old Roy Smeck guitar.

Thanks again and best regards from the UK!