Reply To: Mid Tension strings on a FS ?

Richard Hoover
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Thank you all…

Please note:

SCGC Mid tension strings are not as heavy as most commercial medium Ga. sets, though they not as low tension as standard light gauge sets either.

OMG models are sent out with low tension SCGC strings because…the gauge of strings that we choose for a particular model is to please most peolple, most of the time. This is not a dictate or necessarily even a a recommendation. If you set and maintain your action (string height) to proper specifications than the use of strings like, or comparable to, SCGC Mid tension will be ok under normal heat and humidity conditions…please monitor your action, especially with seasonal change. Thank you!

Lower tension strings impart less energy than higher tensions, therefore generating less or more volume respectively. This is rarely as big of a consideration as the advantage to tension of the strings on the fretting hand and the shorter vs. longer distance between frets.

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