Reply To: Richard…Checking in


Friend Richard,
Dee and I would like to thank you for being you. When we were at your 40th event it was obvious how much the luthier/guitar player world loves and admires you….. Thanks you for your responses to our questions, and for the exceptional instruments that now call my corral home. I play one or two of the Ramuda every day and will ALWAYS remember at the end of our tour with you that our 1934 Zorro was at the last station with Gerard…. The picture of you and me with the guitar is a treasured image.
Fair Winds and Peace,
Zorro and Dee Fox

1993 Martin HD-28 IR/Sitka
2001 SCGC F Cutaway Maple/German
2008 SCGC OT Madi/Italian
2015 SCGC OM “The Tree” Hog/ European
2016 SCGC 1934 D45 Braz/ Adi
2016 Taylor K62 CE Limited Edition 12 string all Koa
2019 SCGC FTC Granadillo/Redwood
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