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Silly Moustache

Thanks, all for the welcome! I’m so gal that we now have a forum about Santa Cruz guitars even though I only have one (oh the shame of it) and I have mostly Collings guitars (hangs head in shame).

I hope that this will be a “chatty” forum rather than just a “for sale” “thinning the herd” one. The “Other” forum is still the larger one but the Moderators (or at least one of them) seems to be killing it.

I look forward to lots more chats.

My Amateurish videos (well they are just me sitting in my conservatory talking/playing to a Zoom Q4) were originally conceived to show my band members songs I did solo and new ones we might add to our repertoire.

The “Chatty” videos started when people on “the other forum” kept grumbling about how terribly difficult it was to restrings slotted head-stocks, and grew from there.  Somewhat interrupted and complicated by my throat cancer and treatment last year, life has changed for me – as has my voice – but I try to continue to add informative and helpful items, and am always happy to receive ideas for new videos.

I don’t assume to “know everything” but it seems some of my videos are well received and I’m approaching a 1000 subscribers.  Please note  – I do not affiliate or attempt to “monetarize” so no adverts or commercial “plugs”.

Anyway, thanks all for the kind words,


Ol’ Andy.

It is my wife’s second 70th Birthday today so I’m taking her to the zoo. No, don;t even think that – I intend to bring her back as well! A