Reply To: wondering Why??

Matt Hayden

This is the state of the web right now.  Your browsing habits are being monitored, as regulations and consent decrees related to privacy have recently been rolled back, and even with the recent Facebook debacle, advertisers are still running wild to track you, hijack your cookies to get at your data, and sell it for $$$$.   Remember – when the product is free, YOU are the product.

So how do you get around this?

Here are a few things to reduce your traceability…..beside not using the internet.

1. Use Chrome; as a browser, it’s got more extensions to help privacy than others.  In addition, it’s designed so that each tab runs in a separate process, making it more difficult for advertisers to track outside the current tab and hijack information gathered by other adverstisers and cookies.

2. Use an ad blocker extension.  Chrome has a number of these. I use AdBlock Plus, but uBlock is also good.  This blocks ads, including the insidious single-pixel ads designed solely to place a cookie in your cache and track your habits.

3. Install the privacy badger extension.  Like Honey Badger, Privacy Badger don’t care – about the feelings of ads and other things that want to track you.

4. Install the Disconnect extension.  This blocks a multitude of ills, including cookie hijacking, third party cookie use, and other Bad Stuff.

Clear your cache after installing them (make sure you know your passwords first!!) and you’ll have much less targeted adware in your browser.