Reply To: Pleking


A full plek job is a pretty serious amount of work, and if your only concern is that the action is a little high, it may be much more than you need.  If you’re reasonably local, I’d run ot by the shop and get their opinion on what the best thing to do is.  If you’re not nearby, have you had a good tech or luthier take a look at it? I’ve had one guitar plek’d by SCGC, and it was an amazingly good setup – but I’ve also had Stephen Strahm and Bruce Sexauer each do very light, quick adjustments to a couple other guitars, and the playability improvement was incredible, and I don’t believe the full plek treatment would have made them noticably better. Now, if I needed some new frets, and had some fretboard issues,  maybe nut & saddle work, that’d be the perfect time to get everything dialed in, but otherwise –

I mean, why rebuild the engine if you only need a new set of plugs?

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