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Acoustic Soul

Hmmm interesting response.

Thank you Matt and Tad, yes I agree it sounds like a podcast.

See, I theoretically understand what you’re saying Matt on them, but a lot of the scalloped guitars from Santa Cruz to me seem to be great for finger style in the sense you’re talking about but those qualities morph when you start strumming and playing with blue chips.  A lot of the scalloped guitars – I think firefly being an exception – seem to emphasize the top two strings to me in the voice.  I can listen and hear the balance, but my ears just casually musically listening hear tension and a shift to the upper part of guitar.  The tapered ones usually seem to be better with picks in that they don’t do that and have more fundamental depth.  Having said that, I played a VS that sounded more like a D model SC than a Sloped D… and then one that sounded like what I expected.

That’s why I’m confused.  Perhaps scalloped works better for lighter driving of the top and tapered works better when playing very strummy and rhythmically?  More even punch?  Maybe scalloped has a quicker response and thusly has more PANG on the top end but tapered is more even and has more Thwump?

Then there is the Firefly I played in Houston and put up on the forum that just defies all of that.  lol  –  I would LOVE to know more about it Tad, so if you could do a podcast on how bracing and body shape effects the VOICE but not necessarily the power and amount of bass that would be cool.  I’m talking about the voice as the perceived qualities of the guitar that are at the forefront and give it it’s character.