Reply To: Custom 50th FTC


Tad….We would love to hear you on that FTC, not someone else. it’s your horse to ride. Besides I’ve heard you play and you need not make any apologies.

I think it is really special to receive a guitar personally from the shop and have Richard smile when he hands it to you.

Sort of like having Enzo Ferrari  personally hand you the keys to one of his cars.

The 34 Zorro is now a bit over 2 years old and seems to have opened up quite a bit. But I remember The Maestro saying that with the woods in his inventory it won’t take forever for one of his instruments to achieve its full voice.

At my age I don’t have a couple of decades to wait……so I am happy that I have the voices around me now that make me  content….both listening to Dee sing and playing my guitars.

Merry Christmas , Peace in the New Year and Fair Winds,



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