Reply To: Custom 50th FTC


I’d love to do a recording, and I’ll try to get something together over the holidays.  I may have to get someone who can really play to do this thing justice –

I’m realizing, to a new degree, what kind of relationship one makes with a Santa Cruz guitar, or really, any well-made hand-built guitar. Even if you buy a new one when you’re 20, and you play the snot out of it for 50-y0 years, it will be going on to someone else, probably still in its prime.  This is my first, truly “new” Santa Cruz guitar. I have some older ones, some almost 35 years old, and they are wonderful, mature voices. I may not play each alot, but I take care of them, and know that they’ll be capable of creating wonderful music long after I am gone. And it makes me realize how great it is when someone doesn’t have the patience to get to know a great instrument, selling cheaply to pursue something the internet says is the next great thing –

So, this is new – completely. Just off the set-up bench, still on its first set of strings, lacquer is probably still curing. How well can I judge this? I can compare myself at best to an inexperienced vintner trying to judge a wine you know  can’t be at its best for a little while – how long?    hmmmm  –

It has so many really great qualities, but the tone, and the balance, have changed a pretty fair bit in just a few days – and I don’t think its done. It’s opening up – getting fuller, richer, just . . . Better. I feel like it’s gonna take some weeks – maybe months – before I will really start to know what its gonna be like most of its life.  It’s pretty weird knowing I have something that will be at its best the longest, when I’m not around anymore to enjoy it.  But while it brings me joy for the next decade, or two – I can’t hope for anything more –

I will try to get something up shortly, but I don’t think it’ll be really accurate – we’ll see –


In the meantime – Hank, I know you, if anyone, knows the joy of picking up a new, custom SCGC – a 50th anniversary FTC sounds like an outstanding idea! And still plenty of time to plan!

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav