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Acoustic Soul

Is that the same as Ziricote?

That’s awesome you have that old of wood!

Cedar and rosewood is my favorite combination on the firefly, you sacrifice volume but you get everything else like a classical guitar…. and it even strums just as well as finger.   Really the thing I notice with the cedar is you play lighter but with more dynamics… so I echo the ideal home and recording thing with it.


Mmmmmmmmm, dry forceful and mid-range are GOOD THINGS for Santa Cruz.  In my opinion after getting to know them for ten years… You never have to ask for overtones, but if you want woody you do have to ask them to tone down the overtones. Dry and woody would be bad if you were talking about a gibson because it means it’s dead, but with Santa Cruz it means it’s got soul!  And according to my handle you know I like guitars with Soul!  😀

I’m sure you know, but Santa Cruz guitars new can be brutally cold.  I usually play mine hard for a year and use a ToneRite.  It seems to take 2-3 months to wake them up, 2-3 more months for a decent break-in , and the rest of the year for them to become noticeably themselves.  After 3-4 years I usually hit another looseness that I would consider being fully broken in.  Past that we’re just talking about aging.

I’d really like to hear that guitar when it’s done…. dang , but I live in Texas