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Thanks gents!

For that tune I was going straight through the pedal board with nothing engaged and into a Marshall MG30CFX.  The Marshall was mic’d.

I use ONLY the clean channel on that amp.  The rest are rubbish.  But I crank both the gain and the volume all the way up and adjust the break-up by adjusting the master volume.  Julien thinks I play too loud. 😉

So when I go to chords, you can hear just a tiny little bit of overdrive.  I backed off a bit after the third chord so I wouldn’t step on Julien’s melody playing.

That particular emando has a Kent Armstrong humbucking pickup hanging on the end of the fretboard, and it’s fully acoustic in construction rather than chambered.  A real Jazz box.  So it was designed for as warm as sound as possible for a soprano instrument.  Which is all probably why it sounds Garcia-like.

Depending on the song I add some more overdrive, a bit of compression, a bit of mid-range EQ boost, or a straight boost.  When we play “Wish You Were Here” I use an octave pedal for the melody bits.

I get a Trey Anastasio sound when adding a bit of compression and overdrive.  🙂