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Richard Hoover
Senior Moderator

Hi Miner,

Having seen many successes and failures with beginning guitarists, I’m convinced that the key to a sustainable relationship with the instrument is gratification from the process. Only you, or a specialist in learning skills, can determine how you best process and retain information. It really is different for many of us.

I, for instance, would have never persevered with the guitar if I had been forced to learn scales, or theory, first. When I was given a student with the same challenge, I found it more successful to first show them how to put the three chords together so that could play their favorite song. Buoyed with that sense of accomplishment we could then explore the fundamentals needed to eventually sound just like the record with all its color and complexity.

If you are blessed with the ability to stick to traditional study through well functioning information storage and retrieval practices then you will most likely find satisfaction in this through the methodical accumulation of  knowledge and facility as you observe the ongoing improvement in your playing abilities. If you are in this category, and want to launce a serious study of classical guitar, send a message via this forum to Maestro Eric Skye and ask for his recommendation on the most appropriate study guide for fundamentals and technique.

The other excellent resource for learning to play like a pro is Homespun Tapes. Their detailed video and explanation of most styles of playing will keep you engaged in practice until you’re ready for your own TV show!

All the best, Richard