Reply To: SCGC Euro-meetup


Ahh, Bill.

I am indeed a wealthy man.  And bloody lucky.  It’s also nice to have such wonderful and appreciative friends, and to get to show them around Laon.  (First thought of those photos: “That’s a LOT of meat!”  Second thought: “My kids do like their hugs.”)

Laon is a special place.  Parisians sniff and look down their noses at this town and the surrounding villages.  But when fortification for a capital city was necessary, Laon was the capitol.  Not Paris.  You can’t throw rock without hitting something ancient and significant, and the rock itself was probably part of a wall or a street dating back 1000 years.

Hell I practice in a 16th century fortress with 3 foot thick internal walls!

The reparations and adjustments to Manoir de Breuil proceed.  We have some plumbing issues to resolve before tackling the ‘salle d’eau’ (shower room) and addressing repairs to any damaged joists and floor boards.

I don’t know if this is French plumbing practice or just bad plumbing in this house…  But the SVP lacks an upper vent.  So after about 4 flushes within a 6 hour period, the big ‘ol drain pipe up on the top floor suffers from equalised pressure and backs up!  Getting a new toilet and SVP tomorrow.

The kitchen drain (original to the house) was laid without a steep enough drop to the inspection hatch.  So it backs up easily.  We’re having that routed tomorrow and hoping a clean pipe is enough of a fix.  Otherwise it’ll require ground works!  (eek!)

Then… then… then… we’ll layout some real cash to have the shower room done properly.  At that point we’ll have two showers on the first floor and toilets on every floor.  When I have a completion date for the shower room Claudine and I will discuss dates for the guitar festival.

She’s totally on board!  We’re looking at room arrangements to maximise bed space.  I’ll be able to estimate short term guest capacity then.

Daniel (up here listening to the rain in the roof lights)