Reply To: SCGC Euro-meetup

Bill Keener

I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks to gather my words in order to to properly reply or comment.  I now know that I can’t garner the proper words to sufficiently either describe the day or thank Daniel and his beautiful wife for hosting us.

So, I just say that we are a lucky couple, Irene and I.  We’re not wealthy.  But we are pleased to use on travel whatever  “spendable income” fall in our direction.  And, primarily we enjoy  annual or semi-annual jaunts to Europe.

I can, without doubt, write that this visit was the high spot of our otherwise lovely almost month-long trip to Belgium and France this year. In fact, it was likely one of the best days of many trips passed.

Not that I could, but if I DID misplace my memory of Daniel’s gracious and historic professorial travel and touring from Reims to his home and back, the fine time we spent at the cathedral, the gorgeous “lunch”  (in quotes on purpose…it was a feast…in the true sense of the word) prepared by his better half, or the pleasure of holding his fabulous mandolin; or if  I idiotically discounted the sights and smells of the French countryside;  or if I put out of my mind the finish of the sumptuous and authentic French meal with baked goods from the short walk with the kids across the lane from his (now previous) home, I’d  have to tell you that Daniel is a wealthy man.

Sure, he’s gifted musically.  As is his bride.  And, of course, he’s an encyclopedia of knowledge with an ability to teach that does not offend even intellectual pedestrians such as myself.

I’m pretty sure those aside from any of those attributes or any of their material assets,  Daniel would agree that the pedestal I appropriately place him on has been constructed by one of the most wonderful families in existence.  Certainly, that  I have ever met.  And, I’m sure Daniel has something to do with their virtues as well…(joke).

Okay.  I gush. And I mean every overly-floral word.


Thank you, Nesterlodes.  Our door is always open to your bright and shining family.


Bill and Irene

Bill “Magwa” Keener
Coarsegold, California