Reply To: Open geared tuners

Matt Hayden

Waverly tuners are good – they last and have a really amazing warranty.  I had an issue with the ones that I’ve got on my OM (old nickel plated butterbeans, worn to the brass) and Waverly replaced them without a problem.   They’re excellent for new instruments.  And they never, ever needed oiling.  The reason they needed replacement was that the loctite on the threads of the adjustable bushings had broken free…..if I had known that, I wouldn’t have had them replaced, I’d just have put another drop of blue loctite in and adjusted them properly, because the old ones are in good shape – I fixed them after removing and replacing them.  Kinda feel bad about exercising the guarantee when they could have been fixed, but StewMac doesn’t generally advise fixing.

For instruments that have had closed tuners installed (e.g., have a headstock hole larger than the 1/4″ that Waverly needs), your choices are limited:

  • use the oversize bushings from Waverly
  • fill the holes and redrill to 1/4″
  • use the Gotoh SXN-510V series, which is what I did on a Martin – they’re open back but have a 3/8″/10mm enclosed shaft like a closed-back tuner. They fit beautifully and work mechanically in the larger holes without issue.

Which Waverly style did you get?  Button style?