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After reading through ALL of this I have only 1 Question……Is the “Real” sound of an acoustic guitar best obtained through the use of onboard p/u through a mixer or is it more accurate reproduction to use a Mic straight to a high quality speaker. ?

Seems to me that our own Eric Skye uses Mics….or is that just the way that Mr. Newman prefers to record.?

I ask because my wife has a Yamaha board to a TubroSound 500 watt speaker or a Bose SoundPure to a Bose tower.

Both I have “Plugged” into and the sound just never seems to be as my ear hears it when I just play unplugged .

Is a Mic a better way to go? and if so what Mic ? I know to position at the 12th fret if using only a single Mic.

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