Reply To: SCGC Euro-meetup


Well, phew!
The move went well, but it took too much effort to get the external insulation guys to finish up.

Also, the water heater and furnace both took longer than estimated to replace.  (I am not looking forward to that bill.  This was an unexpected expense.)  But as of yesterday we have both hot water and heat.  The EWI and the new windows are working like charms.  The house is warm & toasty.  No mean feat for the 1949 built large French house.

Kitchen and new bathroom are in as well.  So we can bathe properly.  (After the weekend I just had, this is a big deal.) One more bathroom needs to be refitted.  It was a re-purposed room I am suspicious of.  I think the shower has been leaking into the floor for a while.  There are rotted floorboards in an adjacent cupboard and stains on the ceiling in the dining room below.  So no showers there until it’s sorted.

As a small joke we are going to call it Manoir de Breuil.  (“Manoir” is a large house rather than a “chateau” which is equivalent to a castle. Though Chateau de Breuil sounds better.  “Breuil is pronounced ‘bruoy’.)

C and I stayed in a local cheapie hotel for one night last week.  I would not recommend Premier Classe in Laon.  We stayed in a no-smoking room and the smell of cigarette smoke wafted into our room all night.  Really unpleasant, and not much sleep.

Y’all are welcome, zorro!

I don’t know if we’ll have enough space for everyone.  But there are local hotels.  Look up Laon on Air BnB.  There are also gites, hereabouts.  Gites are self serve accommodations, like Air BnB but more official here in France.

We should start talking dates if there are enough takers.