Reply To: SCGC used market


I’m not a marketing expert, but it seems to me that it’s about expectations — for both supply and demand. And how the expectations balance with the reality of the marketplace. I’ve read that everything will sell, once the right price has been stablished for the product being sold in the marketplace. This will depend on the 4 Ps or marketing (product, price, promotion, and place.) So there needs to be balance and that’s for the wizards who do this type of planning and forecasting.

I own and have owned guitars built by builders who build 10 guitars/year, 100/year, 500/year and 50,000/year. I have been able to sell every guitar I’ve purchased new for a price between 65% and 75% of what I paid for the guitar new — with one exception: the one guitar I purchased from an little-know luthier that builds 10/year. I have not found SCGC guitars I’ve sold to be at much of a disadvantage. They need to be sold where people who are familiar with the brand are looking to buy.

The easiest guitars to sell (for me) were Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Froggy and Collings. SCGC, Bourgeois, and H&D took a little longer. The most difficult for me to sell was Goodall and little know luthiers.

I’m not sure SCGC sells at a much lower price point used when compared to other brands with similar market share. On one hand I’d like to see some data. However, I never buy a guitar with selling being part f my plan. All IMHO.

– Paul –