Reply To: SCGC used market

Acoustic Soul

Yeah, I’m not sure how much Collings guitars cost because I’ve only ever shopped Santa Cruz… but getting a SC that’s really worth it in my opinion requires every upgrade.  The price gets pretty sky high, and I just figure that on a used market people aren’t willing to shell that out…. or maybe more importantly they know that there is no pressure for it to be sold closer to what it was paid for and they can just wait for a good one to pop up.

I have sold a Santa Cruz before and only got like 45-60% of what I paid for it even though it was in mint condition and the guitar actually had more value than when it was new because of being played and aging for 3-4 years.  Why should I have lost so much on it?  Who knows, it discourages people from trading them around more I think because you don’t want to go buying things that you’re going to lose 5,000 dollars on.

Because the kind of Santa Cruz guitars that I look for are almost never on the used market and even rarely built new, I don’t really benefit from them being so low on the market and too wish that the used market would come up.

I mean, if the guitar is in good shape the more it is played and the older it is the higher value it has.  The guitar appreciated in value, but it seems like until its 15-20 years old nobody respects that.  Many Santa Cruz guitars are very cold from the factory, I don’t know why someone wouldn’t prefer used if they could get what they want.

This is one reason I’m glad the shop went more custom lately.  A lot of the stuff out there doesn’t represent their best effort because I really feel that hide glue, adirondack braces, old growth adirondack top, and choice woods and options really allow the shop to deliver what I wish they delivered on every guitar.  They probably wouldn’t be able to stay in business though because they’d have to sell them all for 11-12K and it seems like the bulk of their guitars sell for 6-8k.  I mean, it is a LOT of money for a guitar but at the end of the day we all pay it because we can’t get it somewhere else with as much ethics, excellent service and understanding, or quality.


In short, I too am puzzled by the fact that the resell is so poor on Santa Cruz despite them being the acoustic king.