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Acoustic Soul

Thank you guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Zorro thank you for your compliment, but I haven’t been playing in the past year and half due to getting married, getting pregnant, and living with family at the moment.  I’m too rusty for a skill show 🙂  Also, when I compare guitars I try to keep it very dry so the focus is on the model and the wood and it’s easy to hear the differences.  I appreciate you and love the comment though haha

Hey Dig Dog, that’s cool because that’s the one I’ve owned for five years… keep in mind it’s been played and the other one is new.  Also the Italian/Cocobolo has advanced x bracing (pre war style bracing) and the other one is standard OM Grand.  They actually had an Italian/Koa OM Grand there but it was extremely stale/cold and new… I didn’t like the specimen at all and wouldn’t want it online representing Santa Cruz.  It was one of those guitars you pick up and 20 seconds later hand back for the shop keeper to put back up on the wall.

Tad, yes it took me a minute to calculate the difference from the art deco inlays, the other tuners, and the lack of brazilian headstock inlay and binding LOL 😀   To answer you, no I didn’t at all… I was like oooh that’s cool let’s see how it sounds.  I actually specifically went by that shop knowing they had an African Blackwood OM Grand that I’ve been waiting for months to come in.