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Matt — interesting, that abies glauca is sold as European spruce. Where? In America? Curious in double way, because its neither a spruce (its a “Tannenbaum”), nor is it European. It was brought from America to Europe, growing now in gardens and in plantations as chrismas trees, but never played a big role as a forest tree.

Unfortunately different names for the same tree, and the same name for different trees is historical reality. And accidents still happen. For example: Fazioli, an Italian piano manufacturer, uses spruce from South Tyrol, which is often called Rot-fichte there. And a clever translator translates their brochure into english, stating, that Fazioli uses red spruce, which is another tree from another continent — namely what you would call adirondack spruce.

Acid rain was a big problem in the eighties in middle Europe, but this is overcome now. Austrias forests (where 60% is spruce) are getting bigger and bigger.

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