Reply To: string squeak



I used to use Elixers….but I REALLY like the sound of the SC strings and the SCs last  and last.

I change the strings on all the Remuda every trimester and just received 5 sets from the Mothership yesterday.

I do agree that “some” squeak is part of the game with acoustics but my continuing advancement in playing up the neck with alternate fingerings creates more squeak than I like especially when “Plugged in”.

I have given in to Dee’s requests to play at her Sunday open Jams (at least one time) and the songs she likes best are “Quiet” finger pick/light strum style.

Melissa , St James Infirmary , Sunday Morning Coming Down , Nobody Knows You.

I tried rubbing some Fast Fret on my finger tips last night and that DID help and I didn’t notice any diminished string sustain, but I think it is going to be Technique that ultimitly solves the problem.

By the way how is the new CD coming along ? Look forward to your update on the Recording page of the Forum.


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