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If the spruce is German, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, alpine, carpathian, you can be sure, its all the same species – Picea abies – because there is no other endemic spruce in Europe. (Well, not entirely true, there is a very small area near Sarajevo, where Serbian spruce – Picea omorika – grows.)┬áThe differences, if any, come from the conditions, under which the trees are growing (temperatures, soil, amount of rainfall, sun hours per year, wind, etc.), and therefore the region of origin can say something about these conditions, though thats not sure at all. Even in the same region, e.g. the Alps, I could show you fast growing trees with huge late wood rings, and a few miles from there extremely slow growing trees with much more even wood, simply because one grows in the valley with rich soil and a long vegetation period, and the other in 1700 metres altitude on a stony northern slope, and water is frozen half of the year.

Moon spruce is kind of a funny brand name. Time for harvesting spruce trees for best quality is winter, thats common sense, but some people believe considering the moon phase also yields to better wood quality. I don’t know, for me its a bit too esoteric, and some scientific studies done on that matter say: no difference.

Andrea Florinett in Switzerland is one of those harvesting “moon spruce”. Anyway – if the moon helped sucking out the water and nutrients, or not – Florinett’s moon spruce comes from trees in high alpine altitudes, and is said to be superior quality.┬áHere is more about moon spruce at Florinett’s website: