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Matt Hayden

Pickup makers like Jason Lollar will wind nearly anything you need – and, as you’ve noted, current tech allows them to create bobbins and magnets of different sizes with mess less fuss than in the pre-CNC era.

If you’re looking for something that’ll feel like an F with a cutaway, though – and by this, I’m thinking a solid body or semi-hollow – try an old (1970s) Gibson L6-S (solid body) or ES225 (semi-hollow). ┬áBoth come with good pickups – the ES225 has standard PAFs or PAF derivatives. and the L6-S has Bill-Lawrence-designed pickups that are humbucker-sized but have a good deal more versatility, and can mimic anything from a Tele to a Les Paul to a jazz box.

The body sizes are pretty large for electrics so they would have some of the arm-filling feel of the F.  The necks are a little small but the overall size might be worth checking out.


If you want to try to make something like that, grab a neck from Warmoth, or a neck-through blank from Stew-Mac and roll your own.