Reply To: Hello, Folks

Bill Keener

Whew!  Sounds like us on this place.  But that was back in 1986 when I still had some “juice”.  Now, I have to save up all the adrenaline I can muster just to clean the pool or feed the chickens.  Did I mention that raising chickens for their eggs is sort of like buying a car wash because you car’s dirty?  I think we have the egg unit price, after about five years,  down to about $46.55…and *not* for a dozen!   Irene and I will be in Reims for a couple of nights in early October with amblin’ time on our hands (and feet).  I’ll PM you the dates to check your busy schedule.  I’m not carrying  any carpenter tools.

Bill “Magwa” Keener
Coarsegold, California