Reply To: Hello, Folks


Oh, well, let’s see…

The house was built in the 1930s for a railway manger here in Laon.  So it’s big and things that are necessities now were luxuries then.  It has also been a rental for 6 years.  So lots of work to do.  More really than we can manage before moving in…

External Wall Insulation going on, new windows and doors going in, new kitchen, new bathroom, paint & paper, plumbing work, electrical work.  And at the moment I have to sort out why the furnace/water heater won’t start –in French.

But we have proper electricity, water, phones, and internet service.  So I’m working here even before we move in.

There will be a TON of garden/yard work to do:  Demo the old garage with the asbestos imbedded corrugated concrete panel roof, clean up and modernize the little outbuldings, build a new garage on the other side of the yard.  Remove and replace the cypress hedge in a few years when they finally die of whatever disease is killing them from the ground up.  Plant a couple fruit trees (apples and pears prob.).  Get the garden going again.  Put in a new barbecue (I had to knock the old concrete one down to allow the EWI to go in properly).

The yard work will begin probably next spring.  We’re moving in at the end of October, after the insulation, windows, doors, and kitchen.  But before the new bathroom.  (There are 2 half baths, one shower room, and one full bathroom.  It’s the full bathroom that’s getting the renovation.  So we are OK for toilets and washing.)